The Magical Biochar

Whether planting trees or air spading, we incorporate biochar into the soil whenever we can. What exactly is biochar, though? Biochar is the result of heating biomass, such as forestry or agricultural waste, through a process called Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the heating of an organic …

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Winter Pruning Won’t Hurt

Often there is a misguided belief that tree pruning, if done in the winter, has the potential to harm trees. However, pruning in the winter certainly won’t hurt your tree. Rather, it has many benefits: Reduce the likelihood of disease infection by pruning while diseases …

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Bark: Weak Onions

When a tree grows, branches divide at a junction, called a fork. Sometimes, two or more branches emerge from one fork. This includes bark. Included bark lacks strong fiber needed to create a structurally sound branch union. When included bark is put under stress (think …

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The Deadly Disease Triangle

Disease is simply any change from the normal functioning of a tree. Disease can be ongoing and, depending on the situation, can eventually lead to total tree death.

Give Your Shrubs a Haircut

Trees are very important to prune for many reasons (which we have covered more in depth here). Shrubs, however, are often overlooked.  One of our clients likened it to  that feeling after getting your hair is trimmed, and we couldn’t agree more! You’ll look at …

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