A healthy, lush, drought-tolerant  lawn is a sign of healthy soils. We've developed our ORGANIC Lawn Builder+ program to deliver sustainable, enviable lawn care results that last for years, not weeks. This is achieved using a specialized combination of natural premium biochar and organics that can provide homeowners and municipalities with reduced water, nutrient and labor costs all while building the healthiest, thickest turf you've ever seen!

We know that everyone might not be fortunate enough to have lawn irrigation so we’ve developed our Organic Lawn Builder program to give your lawn the ability to overcome dry periods and drought better than ever! 

Want proof? A recent Golf Digest article illustrates how effective the products we utilize are!

Lawn Treatment Schedule

Would you like to go completely ORGANIC & NATURAL? Have zero tolerance for agro chemicals? Perfect! We do that better than anyone. Here's how we will treat your soil and turf over the course of a growing season:

I. Early Spring Soil Builder

A. Biochar + Compost Spread + Natural Full spectrum Nutrients

Spring is the most vital time in the seasonal cycle of your lawn. We make sure your turf has the ultimate natural and organic foundation to grow deep roots that can collect nutrients and provide your lawn with drought tolerance.

II. Summer Booster Application

Our full Spectrum Nutrients (not just the traditional N-P-K) are not only natural but have been chelated down to a *nano* particle size, allowing them to immediately feed your turf and soil microorganisms.

III. Late Summer Stress Reduction Application

Another dosage of our healthy blend of natural full-spectrum nutrients.

Summer heat and lack of adequate water can be tough on turf so we make sure to prescribe the proper dose of our full spectrum nutrient line to help your lawn not hurt it!

IV. Fall Immune Builder Application

Nutrients and (Optional) Lawn aeration followed by a Biochar and compost spread.

The aeration process has many benefits. We find this is the single most effective way to get our Biochar and compost right to where it has the biggest benefit: the roots.