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What is Bronze Birch Borer?

The adult bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius) is a slender, dark bronze beetle, with a radiant green iridescence underneath the wing. This native insect is a serious pest of any stressed birch tree (Betula species), but is most commonly found attacking the ornamental White Birch that are so common in our neighborhoods. If not treated properly, the bronze birch borer will continue to lay eggs and feed on the vascular tissue of the Birch tree until the tree can no longer sustain the damage and succumbs to the invader.

Diagnosis: What Bronze Birch Borer Looks Like

An early warning sign of bronze birch borer damage is a yellowing and thinning or wilting of foliage in the upper crown of the tree (think the top center of the canopy). These symptoms are more evident in hot, dry weather but may progress slowly if the tree is otherwise healthy.


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Preventing Two Lined Chestnut Borer

Like many tree diseases the adult bronze birch borer is attracted to trees under stress. This is why we always recommend pairing any disease treatment with a stress-reducing course of natural, full-spectrum nutrients.