The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a wood-boring beetle native to Asia. This little beetle has one big impact. It has been sweeping across the US over the last decade and wreaking havoc on ash tree populations. Researching EAB can be overwhelming. Fear not! We’re here to help! 

Is my Ash tree affected by EAB?

If you are in the Greater Madison or Milwaukee area, your ash tree is likely affected. If you’d like to keep it, immediate treatment is required.

What are the signs of EAB?

Please note that your tree is likely infected, even without these signs that indicate an advanced infection, It can take 2-4 years of damage for the following signs and symptoms to appear.

  • Woodpecker damage
  • Canopy dieback and thinning
  • Bark falling off or sloughing
  • “D” shaped exit holes on trunk (very small)
  • “S” shaped tunnels under bark
  • Presence of the emerald beetle- if you see one, send us a photo! It’s rare for the guest of (no) honor to make an appearance. 

What will happen if I don’t treat my tree?

Without treatment, tree death is inevitable. The time frame depends on the tree’s overall health and its environment. 

How do I go about treating my ash tree?

The first step is to call a Certified Arborist and ask some questions.

What should be used to treat my tree?

When receiving treatment for EAB, it is important to know which insecticide they’ll be using to battle the borer. The most effective chemical on the market is emamectin benzoate. 

Can I treat my tree without a Certified Arborist’s help?

In order to purchase and inject emamectin benzoate in Dane county, you must have a Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator’s License. The equipment is also quite expensive.

Gardening centers may sell insecticide products that a homeowner can apply. While the price tag is appealing, the reality is that your tree will still succumb to the borer. It just might take a year or two longer. 

How often is the treatment repeated?

Emamectin benzoate must be injected every two years to remain effective. If you choose us to treat your ash, there’s no calendar required! At ECO Tree, we will keep track of your tree’s history and let you know when your tree is due for treatment.

Any alternatives to treatment?

Given the serious threat of EAB, removal and replacement of the tree is the only viable option other than treatment. Keep in mind, the tree will become hazardous as it declines and if left too long the cost of removal will increase as the tree becomes more hazardous.

Can I plant an ash tree?

Technically, yes. But without knowing how EAB will evolve, we strongly recommend that you choose a different tree. 

If you have an ash tree on your property, call us today at (608) 886-0626. We’ll come check it out, free of charge, and share our expertise with you!

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