tree removal

While we always prefer to keep trees healthy, thriving and alive, sometimes a tree must be removed for a variety of reasons. In such cases, we help Madison-area homeowners remove trees in a safe manner that preserves the structures and landscape on their property and creates positive changes.

Reasons for tree removal are myriad. The following are the most common reasons homeowners remove trees:

  1. A tree is interfering with maintenance of structures or landscaping.
  2. A tree is broken, sick and/or dead and poses a short or long-term safety risk to people and structures.
  3. A new development to property structure or landscaping needs the space a tree occupies.
  4. A homeowner wants to change property aesthetics by removing a tree and replacing with other landscaping options.

When we visit for a tree removal consult in the Madison area, we advise you of any major or minor change to anticipate after the removal and help you reach an informed and comfortable decision regarding your tree's future.



Many people consider removing a tree when they think it might be sick. If you're wondering whether your tree is in trouble, look for these indicators of health problems:

  • Spots on leaves
  • Premature leaf drop
  • Sticky residue falling from leaves
  • Wounds on trunk
  • Thin or dead spots in canopy
  • Dead or dying branches
  • Mushrooms or fungus on trunk
  • Mushrooms or fungus on base of tree
  • Slow growth
  • Construction damage