The amount of water a newly planted tree needs is highly dependent on many variables. First and foremost, environmental conditions including: temperature, wind condition, and rainfall amount. Other factors include tree variety, root development, and soil type.

Roots with the proper amount of water are able to have healthy metabolic processes. This allows them to grow to reach more soil which holds water and nutrients for uptake.

In general, these watering guidelines will make for a happy tree:

  • Water once every other day for two weeks following planting. On non-watering days, soil should retain moisture, but not feel soggy. The best way to check soil moisture is feeling the soil about 6” below the surface. 
  • After two weeks, water 2-3 times a week until dormant season (when deciduous trees lose their leaves).
  • Continue watering 2-3 times during the growing season for 3-5 years, or until the tree is properly established.

Bear in mind that it is possible to overwater new trees. This is problematic, as new trees need to establish a healthy root system. If the water is too readily available, the roots won’t need to reach out for it. They won’t grow! 

Even worse, if the soil is way too saturated it can become anaerobic, or lacking oxygen. Roots need oxygen in order to respirate, which is an important metabolic process. Remember to skip rainy days on your watering schedule. If your soil starts to stink, it may very well be anaerobic. 

We highly recommend adding a mulch ring to your planting. This reduces water runoff and helps the soil retain moisture. We also recommend a soil nutrition injection. Our custom blend includes micronutrients and beneficial fungi mycorrhizae, which are proven to improve water and nutrient uptake from the soil. 

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