Helping property owners care for valuable trees

ECO offers a suite of services that help Madison, Middlton & Sun Prairie property owners manage their trees with care and precision. We understand the value of trees to any property and will help you maximize tree health and longevity.

Tree Services Overview

Tree pruning proactively helps young trees avoid problems with structural weakness and disease. As trees age, pruning helps them remain strong, resilient and hazard-free.

Tree removal involves safely cutting down a tree to remove it from the property for one of many reasons.

Disease diagnosis and treatment help trees overcome naturally occurring pests and bacteria that may otherwise harm or kill the tree.

Nutritional supplements delivers optimal nutrients that help trees thrive, grow and resist disease.

ECO Tree Company Stands Out From Other Madson Tree Services

The difference between ECO and other tree service providers is in the details. 

Certified Arborists Always On-Site

From consultation to completion, there will always be an ISA Cerified Arborist working with you on your property.

Advanced Climbing Techniques Mean Better Precision

We partner with the best arborists in the state, like Heartwood Tree Company and Bugg Tree Care, who employee arborist staff trained in the safest and most advance climbing techniques in the industry. Tree health, safety and focused results are our priority!

Low Impact on Your Property

We will treat your property as if it was our own. You won't find us driving a large truck over your lawn or crushing your roof or shrubs with branches. 

Meticulous Clean-Up

Cleanup is just as important as the tree work being done. You won't find a mess when you arrive home. In fact, it will look better then before we where there.