Don't really like chemicals but hate weeds more? ORGANIC Lawn Builder+ HYBRID is for you! 

This heavy hitting turf conditioning treatment uses the same soil conditioning formula as our Organic Lawn Builder+ Program and adds the perfect, application of prescribed synthetic herbicides to keep weeds at bay.

Lawn Treatment Schedule

I. Early Spring Soil Builder

A. Biochar + Compost Spread + Natural Full spectrum Nutrients (this is the key to our success)
B. Pre-emergent synthetic herbicide application.
This is the most vital time in the life of your Lawn. We make sure your turf has the ultimate natural and organic foundation to drive deep roots that can collect nutrients and provide your lawn with drought tolerance you've never seen before. At this time we use a responsible and effective amount of a synthetic herbicide to get one step ahead of any unwanted weeds.

II. Summer Booster Application

A. Natural Full Spectrum Nutrients
B. SyntheticHerbicide Spot Spray (If needed)

Our full Spectrum Nutrients (not just N-P-K!) Are not only Natural but Are Organic and OMRI Listed allowing them to immediately feed your turf and soil microorganisms.

This is the time of the summer when a few of the tougher weeds show their faces again. Instead of indiscriminately and unnecessarily spreading herbicide on your entire lawn we carefully walk every inch and give a direct shot to any pesky weed daring to show its Leaves! 

III. Late Summer Stress Reduction Application

A. A healthy blend of our natural full spectrum nutrients.

Summer heat and lack of adequate water can be tough on Turf so we make sure to prescribe the proper dose of our full spectrum Nutrient line to help your lawn not hurt it!

IV. Fall Immune Builder Application
(Optional but Recommended)

A. Lawn Aeration followed by a Biochar and compost spread

The aeration process has many benefits. For us we find this is the single most effective way to get Our Biochar and compost right to where it has the biggest benefit, The Roots!