Our View on Plant Health Care

Just like in the the human medicine, no single approach to disease control, treatment and prevention is a magic "silver bullet."
So just as the medical industry evolves to understand the importance of preventative and natural treatments, we at ECO Tree Company strive to learn and adapt the best current arboreal science to managing your valued trees. The best way to keep your beloved trees healthy is to simultaneously treat any serious disease while building the natural immune systems of the plants which you love so dearly.

Let's look at an example:

Plants are not so different from humans. For example if i only ate cheese burgers, fries and shakes for 3 meals a day, would i be alive? Probably. But would I be healthy? No. My immune system would be compromised, I would be more susceptible to diseases and it would take longer for me to recover from injuries. I need a balanced diet to feed the flora and fauna in my digestive system and provide my body appropriate nutrients to build my immune system up and proper bodily functions. 

Plants are no different: we must treat them with the proper remedy to remove disease, then follow up with proper nutrition, enzymes, and beneficial microorganisms to help protect against the next threat.

This is a unique competitive advantage we hold over our competitors. If we must dip into our pharmaceutical cabinet to treat a disease, we will always do this in conjunction with a proper immune system boost for the plants and microorganisms that work symbiotically with them.
What do we mean by Immune system? Simply put, plants produce allelochemicals that deter or outright poison other plants or pests that try to attack them. A healthy plant will produce more of these chemicals and thus help protect itself naturally.