Birds are singing, the snow has finally melted,  and the first bits of green are about to spring up in Dane county, Spring is here! This is the time of year when many residents rely on tree services in Madison to ensure the trees in their yard are healthy and their happy with how they look. Will you be tackling the trees in your yard this spring? Here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Remove the Debris

At the end of winter, you may find a fair amount of twigs, Branches and old leaves settled around the base of your trees. Many gardeners may believe the twigs and leaves will break down and help to provide nutrients over time and are better left in place. However, by removing the debris, especially the leaves or evergreen needles, you also help to prevent diseases and fungus from gaining easy access to your trees and spreading infections.

Add Fertilizer & Bio-stimualant

The Urban Landscape, your yard, is actually a pretty tough spot for trees to grow, so how do you help?  If you are a gardening aficionado, then you probably have a great compost heap you can pull from. If not, no worries. You can purchase eco-friendly fertilizers from your local department stores. Be sure to consider the types of trees when you purchase over the counter fertilizer as what is good for one type of tree, may not always be ideal for another and we generally recommend a very light fertilizer, but do go heavy on the Bio-Stimulants!

Inspect the Trees

While trees are certainly accustomed to winter, it doesn’t mean they particularly like it. It’s important to check your trees for signs of winter damage before the branches become overgrown once more with greenery. If there was a late spring freeze, Make sure to pay special attention the the new leaves as they grow and expand in the coming weeks.

Trim Those Branches

This is one of those tasks you may not want to tackle on your own. Why? Because logging is the most dangerous job in the United States and falling branches are often the main cause of incidents. So, whether you’re taking down the full tree or just pruning a  portion of it, enlist professional help whenever possible just make sure they’re a certified arborist. However, don’t let this deter you from trimming those trees. If you have a large tree that has broken branches and is close to your home, this is especially important as a strong breeze may cause it to fall onto and damage your home.

Outsource the Job

Yard work of any kind is labor intensive, so naturally, not everyone has the time, will or patience to see it through. Even for those who can, a professional certified arborist may pick up on signs of disease you might otherwise miss. As we mentioned before, it is also safer than attempting to tackle tree trimming or removal on your own.

Gardening is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby. However, when it comes to trees, you may need professional tree care services to diagnose possible problems before they become bigger issues or, if the tree itself is the problem, to safely remove it. With our help, you can keep your yard looking its best year-round. Schedule a consultation with ECO Tree Company to get started. let us keep your trees healthy and you happy!

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