The decision to cut down a tree may be influenced by a variety of factors, including aesthetics, safety and pure convenience. That said, the process is a big commitment, and you want to be sure that you can act without regrets. Here are a few elements to consider before contacting a tree service for removal.


Many times, tree removal can be beneficial. Dead or dying trees may pose a hazard to surrounding buildings if they fall, making removal necessary. Other times, a tree’s root or canopy growth may disrupt areas of a property, such wreaking concrete pathways or causing eaves to rot. When it’s a matter of protecting your property, removing a tree may be the best solution.

Tree removal may even be required to maintain the health of a particular area. Certain types of trees can be preferable over others, such as native breeds over non-native, or slower growing over dominating.


While cutting down an eyesore is certainly a legitimate decision, you may want to consider if there exist other factors that give the tree value. For instance, if the tree has been on the property for a long time, it may hold sentimental or even historical importance. If you’re not sure of the tree’s history, you may want to do some light research to ensure its extraction won’t result in significant loss. On a more tangible level, removing a long-standing tree may alter the area’s ecosystem in unexpected ways.


A final decision should be made with the help of a tree care expert who may have alternatives to full-on removal. Before you go through the stress and expense of cutting down a tree, be sure to look at:

  • Price: Do you have the resources to pay for removal or is there a more affordable option that solves your issue?
  • Tree health: Is the tree a lost cause or can you take steps to better its health?
  • Environment: Will the loss of the tree disrupt or harm its surroundings, or will the effect be neutral or even positive?

These questions should give you a good idea of whether removal is warranted. If it is, your next move can be to contact an experienced removal company.

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