While many people only prune in reaction to damage or disease, pruning is actually an integral part of tree maintenance. Regular clearing can prevent a variety of hazards and even encourage growth. The following are just a few ways tree pruning can benefit your property’s landscape.

1. Tree Health

Thinning out a tree’s canopy is essential to keeping it healthy. Careful pruning can be used as a simple method to prevent:

  • Insects drawn by diseased or dead branches
  • Co-dominant branches that may inhibit a tree’s growth or ability to withstand a storm
  • Weak wood such as water or root sprouts that cannot endure harsh weather
  • Tangled or crowded branches that impede growth and rub against one another, causing damage

Trees grow throughout their lifespan, often in a fashion not compatible for long-term health. Pruning can be a pre-emptive measure to avoid the pitfalls of more natural growth.

2. Safety

Many times pruning only occurs when a canopy poses a danger to persons or property, or has already caused damage. This is unfortunate, since proper tree care can help owners avoid costly cleanup and repair.

In addition to clearing away dead branches that can fall, pruning can also shape trees to steer their branches away from problematic areas. For example, trimming canopies that are close to telephone wires or powerlines can keep them from becoming tangled. Another option is to keep your tree a more manageable size by root-pruning.

3. Aesthetics

When branches get out of hand, a yard can appear wild and unkempt. Strategically pruning your trees can create a neat appearance that you and your guests can enjoy. If you’re especially creative, you may be interested in shaping techniques that produce topiaries or boxwood. Tree pruning professionals have a variety of techniques, many of them developed over hundreds of years, that can turn your landscaping into living art.

4. Fruit and Flowers

If your tree has the potential to produce fruit, pruning can encourage a larger harvest. Trimming can prompt a tree to create growth spurs, which are the source of flowers and fruit. Once the fruit appears, further pruning during the summer months can improve your crop, as clearing crowded branches prevents decay and disease, and encourages faster ripening.

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